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Rising Stars Win Alghanim Prize for Young Kuwaiti Architects and Designers

  • 22 January 2022

Rising Stars Win Alghanim Prize for Young Kuwaiti Architects and Designers

Alghanim Industries today announced the winners of the first Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim Architecture Prize, a competition conceived by Mr. Alghanim to advance Kuwait’s innovation economy and support young professionals in the arts and creative industry sectors.

The competition was open to Kuwaiti architects and designers under the age of 30, based in Kuwait or abroad, including students. Competitors were asked to redesign a 44-meter tall water tower, located within Alghanim Industries’ Shuwaikh Automotive Complex. Originally built in 1966, the tower is out of service today.
A pair of Kuwaiti architects, Sheikha Al Ajmi and Zahraa Al Jazzaf, won the first-place prize of $10,000 for their “Momentum Tower” design.  Amina Al-Qabandi and Noura Al-Subaie won the second-place prize of $5,000 for their “Tubery” design. Dana Al-Mathkoor won the third-place prize of $3,000 for her “Light Tower” design.

The Momentum Tower design will radically transform the tower and the space around it, creating seven levels of mixed-use recreation and co-work space, capping the tower with a platform that offers 360 degree views of Kuwait City.

Reflecting on the experience, Sheikha Al Ajmi said: “We thought the idea of reimagining an out of service water tower was very unique. Preserving the construction rather than demolishing it was a fun challenge. There was a lot of room for creativity. We are also very happy to see a private sector organization actively supporting young professionals in this way.”

“I look at these winners and I see a very bright future for our country,” said Sir Kutayba Alghanim. “Their work is creative, functional and beautiful. Reviewing it, I can’t help but think of my father, who built the tower in 1966. For him, water towers were a symbol of Kuwait’s progress – a symbol of our promise as a nation. These young architects and designers honor that legacy and they point us to the future again. I am thrilled to support their work and look forward to many future rounds of this prize.”

  • Sheikha Al Ajmi & Zahraa Al Jazzaf – Bachelor of Architecture, Kuwait University 2018
  • Amina Al-Qabandi and Noura Al-Subaie - Bachelor of Architecture, Kuwait University 2017
  • Dana Al-Mathkoor – Bachelor of Architecture, Pratt Institute 2016, Master of Architecture, Yale University 2019


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