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Hongqi Alghanim

Luxury is a Red Line


The Authorized Dealer for HongQi Vehicles in Kuwait.

Redefining automotive standards, HongQi Alghanim is committed to delivering unparalleled automotive experiences that embody both luxury and excellence, integrated within each detail.

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Delivering Automotive Luxury

Born in 1958, HongQi, a symbol of automotive heritage, manufactured vehicles exclusively for the president and high-ranking government officials. HongQi embraced a new era in 2018 when it opened its doors to the public, unveiling a lineup that seamlessly blended tradition with modern innovation. Finally, in 2023 HongQi joined the Alghanim Automotive Group, bringing together Hongqi's rich history in luxury car manufacturing with the automotive expertise of the Alghanim Group. This partnership forged a brand synonymous with sophistication, featuring a lineup of SUVs and Sedans that seamlessly blend sophisticated design, and superior craftsmanship, advanced technology, and performance. HongQi Alghanim stands as a symbol of automotive luxury, delivering vehicles that embody a harmonious synthesis of tradition and advanced innovation.

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