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Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim Launches Bold New Effort to Support the Next Generation of Kuwaiti Architects

  • 17 December 2020

Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim Launches Bold New Effort to Support the Next Generation of Kuwaiti Architects

Kuwait-based multinational corporation Alghanim today announced the launch of the Kutayba Alghanim Architecture Prize, a new competition to support young Kuwaiti architects and designers and advance the country’s innovation economy, especially the creative and arts sectors.
Named for the company’s executive chairman who conceived the idea, the competition will award a $10,000 prize to its winner. The competition is open to Kuwaiti architects and designers under the age of 30, based in Kuwait or abroad, including students.

“Kuwait has an extraordinarily rich history of arts, culture and creativity. It’s a legacy for which I feel great pride, and so should every Kuwaiti,” said Sir Kutayba Alghanim. “But it’s also important to know that rich tradition lives on today. I am so inspired by the talented young Kuwaitis in the creative industries, including architecture. My goal is to shine a bright light on that talent. I want to encourage more young Kuwaitis to jump into the innovation economy, the industry sectors where creativity and science come together.”

Among the best-known examples of modern architecture in Kuwait are its water towers, which dot the country’s landscape. Their iconic status makes them an ideal subject for the inaugural Kutayba Alghanim Architecture Prize. Competitors are asked to redesign and repurpose the water tower which was built in 1966, located in one of the company’s projects in Shuwaikh.

“Water towers are the perfect starting point for this competition, said Mr. Alghanim. “They blend function and form, the practical and the beautiful. They remind us of our country’s history and traditions. But they also remind us to look skyward – to continue, ever upward. This is a message that’s especially important as we continue to grapple with a global pandemic and economic challenges. Despite our troubles, the future is bright.”

The first round of the competition will open for submissions today, 17 December 2020, until 24 January 2021. Competitors can participate alone or in teams of up to four members. To find out more about the award, eligibility and the application process, visit


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