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Coding for the Future: Alghanim Industries Renews 'Kuwait Codes' Partnership

  • 24 January 2024

Coding for the Future: Alghanim Industries Renews 'Kuwait Codes' Partnership

Alghanim Industries (Kutayba Alghanim Group), one of the largest privately-owned companies in the region, has announced the continuation of its strategic partnership with CODED Academy for the third consecutive year, supporting the "Kuwait Codes" initiative. This initiative focuses on teaching high school students in Kuwait the fundamentals of coding, a vital skill for shaping the future.

"Kuwait Codes" offers students in Kuwait a unique opportunity to choose from four specialized educational paths: web development, game creation, versatile Python programming, and smartphone app development. This diversity in educational programs aims to equip students with practical skills in their chosen field, preparing them to be creative and effective contributors in the advanced world of technology. To date, the initiative has benefited over 2500 students, primarily from the public education sector.

Previous winners of the "Kuwait Codes" initiative, which began four years ago, have exhibited a wide range of innovative projects. These include the development of websites and applications with specially designed tools to support mental health, along with applications focused on environmental protection and interactive educational platforms for students. This variety in projects highlights the students' endeavor to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs and challenges of the local community.

In a recent meeting at Alghanim Industries' headquarters in Al Hamra Business Tower in Kuwait City, Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim, Executive Chairman of Alghanim Industries, met with Ahmad Marafi and Hashim Behbehani, founders of CODED Academy. During this meeting, Alghanim expressed his profound appreciation for their pioneering efforts in establishing the 'Kuwait Codes' initiative. He commended their visionary approach in enhancing technological skills among Kuwait's youth, creating an innovative educational platform that inspires and empowers young people to actively engage in the world of technology.

Commenting on the growing importance of learning coding, Alghanim said: "In our rapidly evolving technological era, coding has become a fundamental language for understanding and mastering future technologies. Investing in learning this vital skill is not only a step towards individual capability development but also a crucial element in building an innovative and advanced future. The 'Kuwait Codes' initiative inspires hope in preparing a new generation capable of effectively using this skill to become producers of technology, not just consumers."

Alghanim also commented about the 2023 edition of the program, noting the significant increase in female participation: "The diversity we witnessed this year, especially with the notable participation of young women, reflects substantial progress in achieving balance and diversity in the technology field. This development enhances the capabilities of our next generation in facing challenges and seizing opportunities in the digital economy, highlighting the effective role of both government and private sectors in supporting education and innovation in areas such as programming, data science, and artificial intelligence. Supporting initiatives like 'Kuwait Codes' is an integral part of our strategy to develop a workforce with diverse skills and expertise."

Ahmad Marafi, CEO of CODED Academy, expressed his deep gratitude to Alghanim Industries for their continuous support, stating: "Our partnership with Alghanim Industries is highly valuable for the 'Kuwait Codes' initiative. Their support enriches our program with practical knowledge and advanced technical skills, benefiting our students. This cooperation plays a vital role in empowering Kuwait's youth, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving technological environment."

Alghanim Industries' involvement in "Kuwait Codes" goes beyond traditional support, offering students enriching interactive experiences. This includes organizing visits to its various business units, such as e-commerce and IT, to demonstrate the practical application of coding skills in real-life business operations.

With the renewal of the partnership for the third year, Alghanim Industries reaffirms its commitment to developing the technological capabilities of Kuwaiti youth and fostering innovation. This partnership aims to prepare youth for active participation in a world increasingly reliant on digital technologies, equipping them to face future challenges with efficiency and creativity. The partnership to support 'Kuwait Codes' is part of Alghanim Industries' broader vision to enhance education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, aiming for a better future for the youth of Kuwait and the Arab world.


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