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Alghanim Industries Advances Youth Career Readiness Through Comprehensive Summer Internships

  • 07 September 2023

Alghanim Industries Advances Youth Career Readiness Through Comprehensive Summer Internships

Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the region, has successfully concluded three diverse and innovative summer internship programs. These programs, each with its own unique focus and collaboration, underscore Alghanim Industries' commitment to nurturing young Kuwaiti talent, fostering professional growth, and aligning with Kuwait's vision for the future.

Anas Al-Ateeqi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Alghanim Industries, elaborated on the initiative: "Our strategic partnerships with these distinguished organizations are a clear reflection of our long-term vision to cultivate young professionals who are not only skilled but are also capable of driving transformative change and innovation across multiple sectors. These programs have not only provided our interns with a unique platform to acquire hands-on skills but have also imparted deep sector-specific insights. This enables them to contribute meaningfully to Kuwait's private sector. Our commitment to their holistic development is not merely a strategic choice; it is a defining aspect of our corporate identity as a Kuwaiti enterprise committed to excellence and leadership in every endeavor."

Building on its enduring partnership with INJAZ Kuwait, Alghanim Industries is currently running a five-week intensive professional development program specifically tailored for university students. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world applications. Participants are given the opportunity to work closely with seasoned professionals in diverse fields such as marketing, human resources, accounting, engineering, customer service, and information technology. Through this immersive experience, the interns will be able to transform their academic knowledge into actionable skills, thereby enhancing their readiness for the competitive job market.

In a new collaboration with LOYAC, a renowned organization dedicated to youth development, Alghanim Industries participated in the "Darb" summer internship program. This program was a rich tapestry of experiences, offering interns a chance to engage in a plethora of activities and tasks. They interacted directly with customers at Safat Home, Alghanim's flagship furniture brand, and acquired artisanal coffee-making skills at Costa Coffee outlets. Additionally, the program ventured into the automotive sector, providing interns with a comprehensive understanding of car sales, customer service protocols, and dealership operations.

In an innovative partnership with Waed, a program spearheaded by the Youth Public Authority and the Association of Social Reform, Alghanim Industries launched a specialized automotive internship. This program was meticulously designed to offer a panoramic view of the automotive industry, encompassing everything from warehouse operations and vehicle logistics to basic maintenance procedures like oil and filter changes. Field visits to various showrooms, service centers, and warehouses were integral to the program, offering interns a hands-on understanding of the complex operations that drive the automotive sector.

These multifaceted programs are a vivid illustration of Alghanim Industries' steadfast commitment to youth development, innovation, and alignment with the Kuwaiti government's New Kuwait 2035 vision. By providing unparalleled training opportunities and a diverse array of experiences that focus on the enhancement of local talent, Alghanim Industries is actively shaping the future landscape of professionalism in Kuwait. This contributes significantly to the vitality, growth, and sustainable development of the nation's private sector.


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